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The use of online learning at the high school level is increasing dramatically. Science courses being taught using only text-based web pages are not achieving the desired learning curve. A way to improve the quantitative and qualitative learning of high school students taking an online science course needs to be implemented. The problem of this study is to determine whether muhimedia instruction will improve the quantitative and qualitattive learning of high school students taking an online science

course. To determine the effectiveness of the included muhimedia components on the learning of students, two four-unit sub webs were created.

A group of high school physics students from a small coastal county in North Carolina was chosen for this experiment. The students were randomly assigned into two groups. The groups were taught using either the textbased web site or the muhimedia based web site. The students were taught the units until they could demonstrate understanding. The students were then given identical tests. The tests were given both a quantitative and a qualitative grade. All four units were tested, and the scores were compared. A t-test was applied to the means of each unit’s quantitative and qualitative grades as well as the time required to teach the units. It was found that the

addition of the muhimedia produced no significant increase in the quantitative or qualitative scores of the students. The addition of the muhimedia did, however, significantly reduce the time required to teach the unit.