The Problems of Globalization_1000字

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Globalization causes many more problems than it solves. Today the world tends to globalize. It brings us so many benefits such as sharing information, getting technology and experiencing different culture. However, it also brings many problems.

The world industries make pollution after producing. For example, they dig out the limited resources, cut down trees. Some developed countries even transport rubbish to developing countries. KFC is popular with teenagers all over the world. Its high calories easily make us fat. There's no doubt that it's bad for out health. In the influence of globalization, various cultures are brought from one country to another. When people begin to adore the outer culture, it is not good to protect our local culture. For example, they are just crazy about foreign things and attach a little importance to their own culture.

Therefore, we'd better absorb the good aspects in foreign culture and push away the bad, so that we can not only benefit from globalization but also protect our own culture.