Zhou ji 9_3000字

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This is how it happened at the weekend. The family agreed to climb the mountain. When they went to the front of the mountain, they found it was a small path, which was in response to the saying “winding road leads to seclusion” in a dream of Red Mansions. At that time, I didn‘t think much about it. I went in happily with everyone, thinking that I would be out of the path in two minutes. I didn’t know how to get in here. The tall reeds covered people‘s eyes very cleanly. There was nothing around. Only when I looked up, I could see a blue sky. Then I looked carefully, as if I could see a little in the front and a little in the back. The road under my feet disappeared. It was full of grass, trees and vines. People seemed to be thrown into the green soup pool, surrounded by green The leaves of the trees and the bushes are dense, and the arms are extended to the eyes, especially the tall reed, which is a big section higher than the people. The reed flowers are floating in the wind, looking at the special scene.

If you want to go back along the original road, it’s boring, so we just come to a secret exploration, go to the end with our eyes closed, and say that we can‘t make a wild rabbit to eat.

So we began to walk along the foot, as if there was a road, but the road was not very obvious. A faint mountain road was crowded by a large number of different kinds of plants. At this time, the reed is singing the main role here. The reed everywhere blows the reed flowers into people’s hearts. Further on, there are some shrubs and chrysanthemum trees mixed with green grass. The chrysanthemum trees are blooming all over the country. The fragrance of chrysanthemum is so strong that people are intoxicated. Just when we thought the wild chrysanthemum forest was the end, the Xanthium forest appeared. Don‘t talk about the hare all the way. I haven’t even seen a rabbit hair. The appearance of the Xanthium forest is too frightening. The pieces of Xanthium are placed there in a gloomy way. As soon as people get close to it, their clothes will be glued on. Just after pulling them off, they accidentally stick on again. We are exhausted when we walk out of the Xanthium forest. At this time, we suggest to find some wild fruits or game to eat. After a while, we all split our heads and failed. Fortunately, at this time, I remembered that I put some compressed biscuits in my backpack as breakfast and a bottle of mineral water in my backpack when I went out. Otherwise, I would be starving. Everyone‘s morale is still very high. They are happily eating peanut flavored compressed biscuits and drinking mineral water. They feel that energy has been greatly supplemented. When we had enough to eat and drink, we walked out of the forest of Xanthium.

After cangerzilin, there are many stone roads that are hard to walk. I don’t know when someone laid them. They are high, low, potholes, covered with most of the plants. They are not clear. But we still walk smoothly and profitably with our excellent understanding. Many unknown plants, some beautiful, some scary. After walking for a period of time, my eyes suddenly opened up. It‘s a big Pueraria field. There’s no green or reddish brown soil here. Countless Pueraria plants can be seen clearly. I don‘t know who planted them here. Kudzu root can extract starch or be used as medicine. We just took off our clothes and wrapped a few thick kudzu roots, and walked on. Gegen’s land is very broad and tilted. We walk from the bottom to the top of the slope, and we are very angry. When we were about to die, we encouraged each other and said that we would have a big meal after going out. We would bake 50 kebabs for barbecue. When it comes to exciting places, we laughed.

All of a sudden, a group of birds flew in a panic. We rushed forward again. Big Gegen land suddenly came back. Suddenly, we saw a bright sight. A vast beauty appeared in front of us. It turned out that we went to the edge of the cliff, and there was endless beauty under the cliff. This is a panoramic view of the town from the top down. Pavilions and pavilions, wide view paths, and all the beautiful sceneries can be seen clearly. The green trees and white houses are reduced to a small model, which is very lovely. We cheered, a meal of Kung Fu back to the town, the end of the secret adventure. But the experience was exciting and interesting.