my plan的英语作文小学

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  怎么写以my plan为题的小学英语作文呢?不用担心,第一范文网帮到你。下面是第一范文网小编精心挑选的关于my plan的小学英语作文,供大家阅读。

  Hi!This is Moon .I'm going to have a busy weekend!On saturday,I'm going to visit my grandparents by bus.I'm going to buy a new book.Ten,I'm going to go home and read the new books.On sanday,I'mgoing to the supermark with my moyher.

  We're going eveing lunch.Ten,in the evening,I'm going to visit my aunt.That will be fun!collected by

  What are you going to do on the weekend?

  Here is my plan for the weekend.I am going to finish doing my homework on time and review what I leant.Then I will prepare the new lessons and read some interesting books.Of course,I will visit my old friends and do sports with them.

  Besides,I am going to help my parents with the housework,such as cleaning the room,washing the dishes and so on.If time permits,I will go to the park with my parents.I am sure I will have a happy weekend.

  I am a high school sthdent now.I am weak in English.The new term is coming.I want to improve my English.I think I shonld do some things.

  Firstly,I will spend 30 minutes remembering words in every day morning.Secondly,I must listen to the teacher carefully in class.And I am going to speak English with my classmate.

  I will do the homework every day.Thirdly,I will often use English with others.

  Every weekend,I will learn English on the Internet.This is my plan.

  Usually, I am free at the weekends, but sometimes I also have something to do. This weekend, I will be busy, because at Saturday, I am going to read a magazine in the morning. Afternoon, I will go to the zoo with my grandparents.

  On Sunday, I will go to the bookstore to buy some books for reading. Afternoon, I will go to the train school to learn Kongfu.

  At night, I will stay at home and have a good rest.

  You can call my Sally.I’m going to have a happy weekend.On Sunday,I’m going to the Chirdren’s Center to play and have class.Saturday morning,I’m going to learn English by car.Is’t fast.Then,in the evening,I’m going to visit my little sister.Her name is Cigy.She is three years old,and she is a lovely girl.

  We all love her and she loves us.We are going to eat dinner together.

  That will be fun!Now can you tell me about your weekend plan?Is it happy,too?

  I have an interesting weekend plan. First of all , I will finish all the homework. Then, I will use alot of time to do what I want to do.

  On saturday morning ,I will clean the room . I will have an English lesson in the afternoon . In the evening. I'm going to meet friends . I will sleep a lie-in on Sunday morning.

  I'm going to the shoe store to buy a pair of shoes in the afternoon . In the evening. I will watch a film at home.

  This is my weekend plan. I will be busy . But I will be happy.